The Antichrist And The Protocols Of Zion – A Warning To Humankind?

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The Antichrist And The Protocols Of Zion – A Warning To Humankind?

By Dr. David Duke

(Edited) The original Protocols of Zion have been read by countless millions of people over the last 117 years.  It is still the most common Internet search item when it comes to the Jewish Question.

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  • Video: Dr David Duke on the Protocols of Zion

    Video: Third Temple in Jerusalem:

    Almost everybody knows of the “original” Protocols of Zion—and their historical background. They were probably complied by Czarist agents towards the end of the nineteenth century as a weapon in their war against the large-scale Jewish Communist uprising which they faced. The Protocols have been derided as a forgery, slander, and lies—yet remain one of the most widely read books in the world on the Jewish Question.

    The original Protocols claim Jewish control over international banking. The Illustrated Protocols proves this in both text and illustrations.

    The original Protocols claims that the Jewish extremists control the press. The Illustrated Protocols proves this with Jewish headlines and illustrations.

    The original Protocols  claims that Jewish extremists control major governments. The Illustrated Protocols proves this with illustrations, examples and quotes from leading Jewish Supremacists themselves.

    The original Protocols talked about Jewish dictatorship through a tyrannical world government. The Illustrated Protocols quotes the most famous Jew of the 2oth Century, David Ben-Gurion, where he states his vision that the Jews will be worshiped  in their world headquarters in Jerusalem, and that Israel will possess the Supreme Court of mankind. Truth is stranger than fiction!

    Whereas the original Protocols could certainly make one think, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion will leave no doubts.

    Whoever wrote the original Protocols possessed a remarkable insight into how Jewish Supremacists operated—and because it contains that remarkable predictive power, it remains a resource study for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of the psychology of Jewish Supremacism.

    Video: The Protocols of Zion & Islamic Prophecies

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