Mark Of The Beast System: In A Cashless Society Satanic Zionists Will Keep All Your Money And Wealth In Their Banks?

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Mark Of The Beast System: In A Cashless Society Satanic Zionists Will Keep All Your Money And Wealth In Their Banks?

Do Satanic Zionists control banking and want to control everyones’ wealth? They seem to control lots of governments including the United States. Lots of these Satanic Zionists believe the Satanic Talmud and they believe they have the right to control all things on planet earth.

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  • Some things out of the Satanic Talmud.

    “All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.” – Schulchan Aruch. Choszen Hamiszpat 348.

    Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep.

    Baba Kamma 37b. Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their money to Israel.”

    Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

    Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

    Kethuboth 11b. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”

    Yebamoth 59b. A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest.

    Abodah Zarah 17a. States that there is not a whore in the world that Rabbi Eleazar has not had sex with.

    Hagigah 27a. States that no rabbi can ever go to hell.

    Sepher Or Israel (177b): If a Jew kills a Christian he commits no sin. He has done God a service.

    Zohar (L, 38b, 39a): A Jew to receive a high place in heaven if he kills a Christian.
    91. Babha Bathra (54b): Christian property belongs to the first Jew claiming it.

    Gittin 69a. To heal his flesh a Jew should take dust that lies within the shadow of an outdoor toilet, mix it with honey and eat it.

    Baba Mezia 59b. A rabbi debates God and defeats Him. God admits the rabbi won the debate.

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    Satanic Mark Of The Beast Is Here!! New World Order Cashless Society

    Banksters & The End Of Cash – Video From 2012 – See how much closer we are now in 2016 to a Satanic Cashless Society

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