Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson Continues To Show He Is A Zionist Gatekeeper Just Like Alex Jones

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Infowars Paul Joseph Watson: There Is No Jewish Influence Anywhere

Infowars Paul Joseph Watson: There Is No Jewish Influence Anywhere 
By Martin Hill

Infowars Paul Joseph Watson was asked a question recently about Jewish Influence. His response is laughable and is being mocked worldwide. Please share this widely. [Note- Thank you very much to the reader who posted the full clip.]

The Infowars co-host (whose name I don’t know) begins by admitting that they ‘don’t like’ to discuss the Jew issue and addresses Paul Joseph Watson:

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  • Transcript:

    “Okay here we go, usually this is a question we don’t like to entertain because of, uh, obvious reasons. But we’re gonna answer it anyway because it’s “ask me anything.”Uh, ‘England rising in the UK’ says “what is your opinion on the Jewish influence in media?”

    (Awkwardly notes) “There it is.”

    Watson: “There’s the Jew question … ”

    Co-host: “Yep .. There it sits.”

    Watson: “I don’t … People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I mean, I read the news everyday, I track narratives that the main stream media comes out with. I don’t see a big Jewish influence. I mean, Jewish people are not really that present. I don’t really notice them anywhere. I don’t believe in this Jewish conspiracy because nobody presents any real credible hard-core evidence that it’s taking place. So I mean- it is an obsession. I mean that’s why people avoid it, let’s be honest, because it’s an obsession you don’t want to be associated with; neo-Nazis and white supremacists. And even just- you know, if I saw actual evidence where it was a grand conspiracy then I would talk about it, but I just don’t see it!”

    Co-host: “Okay! Well answered!”

    Here is a shorter version that was making the rounds on twitter for the past few days- the version above from youtube is better because it includes the entire question and reply.


    UPDATE: To see the full interview, watch here. I haven’t waded through all that garbage to find the precise spot where Watson is asked about Jews. If anyone watches it please let me know.

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