Scary Food: The Top 10 Cancer Causing Food Ingredients To AVOID

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Scary Food: The Top 10 Cancer Causing Food Ingredients To AVOIDScary Food: The Top 10 Cancer Causing Food Ingredients To AVOID

Mike Adams

If you aren’t avoiding these top 10 cancer causing food ingredients, you’re EATING CANCER!

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  • #1) Sodium nitrite
    Found in nearly all processed meats such as bacon, sausage, sandwich meats, hot dogs and hams.

    #2) Aspartame
    This artificial chemical sweetener is linked to brain tumors.

    #3) Hydrogenated oils
    These artificially modified fats cause heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

    #4) High-Fructose Corn Syrup
    HFCS promotes diabetes and obesity, both of which increase your risk for cancer.

    #5) GMOs
    Genetically modified foods almost always contain cancer-causing toxins such as glyphosate weed killer.

    #6) Glyphosate
    Shockingly, glyphosate is also sprayed on non-GMO crops such as wheat, oats and barley. It’s now being found in breads and beer.

    #7) Acesulfame K
    Beware of all “sugar free” foods. They usually contain cancer-causing chemical sweeteners.

    #8) Artificial colors
    They’re made from petroleum byproducts, and they promote neurological and biological disease.

    #9) Chemical preservatives like sodium benzoate
    Synthetic chemical preservatives work by killing life. They also harm your body’s cells.

    #10) Hexane extracted soy protein
    Beware of non-organic soy protein. It’s usually extracted with hexane, a toxic, explosive solvent.

    Stay informed! Read for the real truth about what’s in your food.

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