Brussels Bombing Anomalies: Alleged Victim ‘Star Player’ Can’t Seem to Get His Story Straight

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Brussels Bombing ‘Star Player’ Can’t Seem to Get His Story Straight

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’21WIRE previously remarked immediately after the Brussels Attacks two weeks ago, about the similarities to how the scene was arranged at the Boston Bombing in 2013.

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  • The main iconic media images were delivered by a NATO-linked photographer named Ketevan Kardava from the Republic of Georgia, who just happened to be right there to catch the action, but for some odd reason did not manage to photograph one dead body in all alleged carnage caused by the blast.

    One of the other main media exhibits photographed by Kardava during the Brussels Attack ‘event’ at Zaventem Airport is a 6’10” Brazilian-born named Sebastien Bellin, 37, a star basketball player who we’re told had played for the Belgium national team, and claims he was thrown some 50 feet in the air (20 meters) by the bomb blast – and without a single mark on his face.

    An even bigger problem is this: Sebastien can’t seem to get his story straight…’



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