Bizarre Oddities: Opus One Winery – Inside The Devil’s Lair? NWO Rothschild’s Blood Tainted Wine?

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Opus One: Inside The Devil’s Lair

Opus-OneJust an hour north of San Francisco and an hour and a half east of the Bohemian Grove lies the peaceful vineyard laden hamlet of NAPA valley.

The perfect place to build a satanic Illuminati temple… right? In 1966, Charlatan Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco. His underground book The Satanic Bible attracted a new wave of Satanic celebrities like Jayne Mansfield,Sammy Davis Junior, and Liberace.
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.04.23 PM
It also caught the eye of Satanic Introverts, Baron and Baroness Phillipi de Rothschild.

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  • Drink Wine? Then You’re Going To Want To Hear This! NWO Rothschild’s Blood Tainted Wine
    By Lisa Haven

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