Zionist Puppets Like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Want To Disarm Americans

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Zionists Support Israeli Jews To Have Guns But Want Americans Disarmed. Just A Reminder Stalin’s Bolshevik Jews Mass Murdered Over 66 Million Mostly Christian Disarmed People In Jewish Controlled Russia Before WW2

Zionist Puppets Like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Want To Disarm Americans

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have recently warned about the dangers of automatic weapons aka machine guns being purchased at gun shows. In this shocking investigation you will see the shocking truth with your own eyes about what really happens at gun shows as media analyst Mark Dice takes you inside.

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  • Did you notice all the Zionist Owned Media Like CNN Trying To Push To Disarm Americans?
    Who is Behind Gun Control?

    Video Below: An incredible interview of Dr. David Duke on Buenos Aires Television with Adrian Salbuchi on why those who really believe in human rights, Gentiles and Jews alike, should stand up for the Palestinian people and against the Zio racism and extremism that afflicts not only Palestine but so much of Western media, finance and politics!

    This video has many incredible insights on the world we live in.

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