Open Season On Honorable Professors That Seek The Truth And Reality About NWO

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Illuminati_NWO_Plan_to_Reduce_World_Population__163118Open Season On Honorable Professors That Seek The Truth And Reality About NWO

Prof. Tony Hall of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada, editor of the American Hearld Tribune, and co-host on False Flag Weekly News has been accused of hate speech for questioning official stories in an article in the LETHBRIDGE HERALD ON JUNE 19, 2016. Kevin Barrett and Tony will discuss this journalist assault on the underlying principles of academic freedom. You can tell the Herald what you think with a comment by clicking here.…

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  • “Questioning an official story is not hate speech but freedom of speech”. This is a False Flag Weekly News Special Report.

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    1. Questioning an official story is not hate speech but freedom of speech. That is a statement which most people can agree. But when an incident occurs that is covered widely by news organizations of various political bents with hours of footage shot by media, law enforcement, individual citizens, when there are hundreds of people affected by that story who are real citizens telling how they either witnessed it or were profoundly effected because of loss, grief, anger. And those who were not even present begin to question the reality of that event, than that is freedom to have a mental condition that causes delusional thinking as these people speak claim that something never happened or it was staged but have no physical proof or statements from those that were actually there claiming it didn’t happen. Questioning of that nature is discussed between those who share the same delusions. They are not skeptical but are creating a reality that only exists in their brains in order to justify some belief system that is without any evidence that a reasonable independent person might be persuaded to believe. Maybe the delusions of Anthony Hall and his cohorts also makes them feel important. Believing they possess some truth that no one can see, Of course no one can see it because it is not there.

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