Mitch McConnell Exposes Himself As A Zionist Puppet, When He Misinforms About David Duke And Donald Trump?

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Mitch McConnell Exposes Himself As A Zionist Puppet, When He Misinforms About David Duke And Donald Trump?

The biggest Supremacists in the world are the Zionists and those that follow the Talmud. These sad people think they are better than everyone else and want to kill everyone off so they can control what is leftover.

By Jack Allen

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  • Follower Of The Satanic Talmud
    Follower Of The Satanic Talmud

    Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 6.08.31 PMIf You are awake now, you will realize that both the Republican and Democrat leadership is controlled by the same evil, that is Satanic Zionism. Listen to what Mitch McConnell had to say about the Trump and David Duke issue. You can tell he is pushing for a Zionist friendly candidate to be president of the USA. If you want someone to mass murder for Israel, it has to be one of the Kosher approved puppets. Someone with a tainted past like a Obama, Rubio, Clinton, Sanders or Cruz. I think ZioBoy McConnell would prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. She has a proven record of a lust for death and murder. You need that to help Satanic Israel kill off more innocent people for the Satanic Greater Israel scheme.
    Mitch McConnell Exposes Himself As A Zionist Puppet, When He Misinforms About David Duke And Donald Trump?

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    Dr. Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald Stump for the Trump on Super Tuesday — Make History Today!

    Today Dr. Duke addressed the media’s baseless attempt to smear Donald Trump with the KKK. Amazingly, although he has been at the center of the news cycle over the past several days, he did not receive any interview requests until last night, when he was interviewed by Alan Colmes. (The interview is posted on Obviously the media does not want the real David Duke to interfere with the fictionalized bogeyman caricature of him that they have constructed over the years.


    He then brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald, who pointed out that the Trump candidacy has allowed Americans to focus on the real problems facing our society. He pointed out that if Trump were not running, the Republican debates would consist of minutiae about fiscal policy or posturing on abortion. He stated that Western civilization is on the verge of collapse in the face of massive immigration, and “principled conservatism” is not going to save us.

    This is a powerful show. Listen to it, spread it around, and go out and vote or register to vote.

    Click here and look for the show dated 3-1-16.

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